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Jarvis Island news

07/05/2007 - WWII-era video footage of Jarvis Island
Four videos from the 1930s and 1940s from Time's "March of Time" series.
26/04/2007 - New space photographs
Photographs taken on the 4th of April 2007.
16/04/2007 - Interactive map of Kiribati Islands
A map created by this website which displays the island nation of Kiribati. Jarvis Island and other US islands are also included.
08/04/2007 - American Polynesia and the Hawaiian Chain
Information from an interesting book containing maps of Pacific islands.
04/04/2007 - Excerpt from "North Pacific Pilot"
Excerpt from "North Pacific Pilot" describing Jarvis Island in great detail.
04/04/2007 - South Korean fishing vessel seized near Jarvis Island
South Korean fishing vessel seized near Jarvis Island.
03/04/2007 - Airport on Jarvis Island?
An excerpt from a book mentioning Pan-American Airways surveying Jarvis Island for possibly two years.
02/04/2007 - New satellite photographs
Satellite photographs taken on January 29th, 2007 by an astronaut.
02/04/2007 - Page about the Amaranth
The Amaranth was shipwrecked on Jarvis Island in 1913.
02/04/2007 - Picture showing relation of Jarvis Island to Hawaii
Also with Kiritimati.
30/03/2007 - Our Equatorial Islands
Text and pictures copied from Note: Very long.
30/03/2007 - The First Colonization Period Of Jarvis Island: A log book from Jarvis Island
Text and pictures copied from A very interesting read. Note: Very long.
28/03/2007 - New domain
The Jarvis Island website is now located at
08/02/2007 - Photographs of Waves.
Two photographs from space displaying waves hitting Jarvis Island.
06/02/2007 - 'About' page created.
A page about the website.
04/02/2007 - The Size of Jarvis Island.
The size of Jarvis Island is compared to more commonly known monuments.
04/02/2007 - Jarvis Island Website launched.
A new website focusing on the uninhabited US outlying territory of Jarvis Island.

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