Jarvis Island research resources


  • Feral Cats on Jarvis Island: Their Effects and Their Eradication, 1985. (PDF, 34 pages, 1.1mb) From the Atoll Research Bulletin, 1985 (Source) Download
  • North Pacific Pilot, 1870. William Henry Rosser. (PDF, 313 pages, 16.1mb) (Courtesy of Google Books). Jarvis Island is described in great detail on pages 282-285. Download
  • The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs, 1889. Charles Darwin, Thomas George Bonney. (PDF, 383 pages, 9.1mb) (Courtesy of Google Books). Jarvis Island is mentioned on page 207. Download
  • U.S Insular Areas and the Constitution, 1997. United States General Accounting Office (PDF, 75 pages, 0.843mb) (Source). Details about all United States Minor Territories and the Guano Islands Act. Note: This document contains many errors regarding Jarvis Island. Download



  • Time Magazine article: Howland, Baker & Jarvis - Monday, Oct. 28, 1935
  • Kamehameha Schools (Hawaii) Archives: Hui Panal'au - A fascinating archive of students from a Hawaiian school who colonized Jarvis, along with Baker and Howland islands.